Have you ever been thirsty?

Of course, right? Who hasn’t? 

What do you do? 

Grab a cup, walk to the fridge, and pour yourself a glass of water.

We don’t ever have to stop along the way and wonder if this water will make us so sick that we can’t work or even worse if this water will kill us!

This simple process that is true for us is not true for others in the world.

Here is the reality is:

  • Waterborne diseases take the life of a child every 15 seconds.
  • 2.4 billion people do not have access to improved sanitation facilities
  • 663 million people rely on unimproved sources of drinking water
  •  The deaths of 361, 000 children under five could be avoided each year if they had access to safe water, improved sanitation facilities, and hand-washing hygiene education.

These stunning facts are why WAY-FM is partnering with Compassion International during Fall Pledge Drive to supply safe drinking water to families in poverty around the world!

You become a part of spreading the gospel locally and globally when you support WAY-FM this week. With your gift of $30 per month or a single gift of $365, you’ll keep your WAY-FM on the air AND provide a filtration system for a family in need!

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