Power FM may not be broadcasting on 89.7 anymore, but you can still listen to us anywhere you have access to the internet. With the Power FM App you can interact with other Power FM fans, the station and maybe even the bands you hear. It’s only with your support that we can continue to offer you the music you love. We’re not asking for a lot of money from a few people, but a little money from a lot of people. We understand that some people are in a better position to give than others, so we only ask that you give the best gift you can, whatever that may be.


What is happening with my monthly giving to Power FM?

If you were giving to Power FM each month using your debit/credit, then those gifts have stopped being automatically deducted.

Why does the donation page say “WAY-FM” at the top?

Power FM was sold to WAY-FM in September of 2015. While 89.7 is now broadcasting WAY-FM programming like The Wally Show, the music of Power FM is still being broadcast through the Power FM app. Although the donation page shows “WAY-FM,” you’re donation is being tracked to Power FM through the URL.

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