You know the song – the one you sing along to in your car, the one that got you through a hard time, the one that continues to be a reminder of hope in your situation.

Tell us about it! We might even play your story on the Music Team 10 show. Here’s how:

1. Tap the pencil icon.

2. Tap the microphone button.

3. Tap the record button.

Tell us your name, where you’re from, your favorite song, and what it means to you!

4. Tap “Save” (on iPhone) or “Attach” (on Android.)

5. Type a short message in the box and use #MT10.

Be sure to include the hashtag #MT10 so we can find your submission!

6. Tap “Shout” (on iPhone) or the airplane button (on Android) to send your message!

And if you’re not part of the Music Team already, tap the button below! You can pick the music that plays on WAY-FM each week.

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