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More Than The Music Podcast Episode 3 – Featuring Danny Gokey

Danny Gokey (“Hope In Front Of Me,” “More Than You Think I Am,” and “Tell Your Heart To Beat Again”) shares how he fell into a deep depression after his first wife passed away, finished top 3 on American Idol, got a second chance at his career, why he’s always singing, how his wife doesn’t like a song he wrote for her, and how the songs on his album “Hope In Front Of Me” remind… … Continue reading

Carlos’ Workplace Injury

Carlos had a work place injury because of the Wally Show. He decided that something needed to be done to make up for the suffering he endured so he called his boss to strike up a deal! Shoulder impingement occurs when one or more rotator cuff tendons get trapped and pinched between shoulder bones during arm movement, causing extreme pain and swelling/inflammation of the rotator cuff. A sprain is a stretching or tearing of the… … Continue reading

More Than The Music Podcast Episode 2 – Featuring For King & Country

Joel and Luke from For King & Country (“Fix My Eyes,” “Shoulders,” and “It’s Not Over Yet”) share how they lost everything when they moved to America from Australia, how Luke overcame a disease that almost forced him to leave the band, the Priceless movement, and how the songs on their latest album, “Run Wild. Live Free. Love Strong: Deluxe Anniversary Edition” remind them to never give up. “More Than The Music” is a weekly… … Continue reading

More Than The Music Podcast Episode 1 – Featuring Lauren Daigle

Lauren Daigle (“How Can It Be,” “First,” and “Trust In You”) shares how she struggled with the loss of her grandfather, overcame illness, maintains the busy schedule of a new recording artist, and how God showed her to trust Him though the songs on her new album, “How Can It Be: Deluxe Edition.” “More Than The Music” is a weekly podcast hosted by WAY-FM Evening On-Air Personality, Justin Paul. Each week, hear the stories behind… … Continue reading