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Capital Kings Announces a New Member and an Awesome Music Video

Earlier this year original member John White left the band Capital Kings to pursue new efforts on his own leaving Cole Walowac solo… until now. Dylan Housewright has joined Capital Kings to breathe new life into the Pop/EDM group from Gotee Records. Their first track is this heavy hitting dance track with Florida rapper Reconcile called “I Can’t Quit.”  If your day needs a boost, this will give you the lift you’re looking for!  … … Continue reading

Here’s Why Husbands Need to Go Home and Love Their Wives

I love what Pastor Voddie Baucham had to say when it came to loving your wife as you’re biblically commanded to. Pastor Baucham said, “It is absolutely inexcusable for a man who follows Christ to stop loving his wife.” Remembering that love is an act of the will, that it is a choice, has been pivotal in my marriage. Love is not devoid of emotion and neither is it led by it, it is accompanied by emotion… … Continue reading

The Best Marriage Advice Happens to Be the Least Romantic

With Valentines Day fast approaching the world is chatting up a storm about love. A word that over time has lost some of its deep meaning. “Love” is just as quickly tied to a new pair of shoes as it is to a relationship that has lasted decades. Yet, next season when the new line of shoes comes out, the word “love” is no longer attached to those shoes you originally feel in love with.… … Continue reading

3 Keys to Stop Words from Becoming Weapons of Mass Destruction

Over the last few days we’ve chatted about “The 15 Things Wives Should Stop Doing” and “The 40 Things Husbands Should Stop Doing” on the show. We saw everything from hate mail and disgust to love and thank you’s for posting theses lists online for people to find in hopes of improving their marriages. But it got me thinking…will people actually use these lists for self improvement or as marriage weapons of mass destruction? These… … Continue reading