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We Need More Videos Like This Reminding Us There Are Good Dads in the World!

It’s Father’s Day week! Hurray for this video showing a positive portrayal of dads! As a dad, I love what TDAmeritrade did with this commercial. I am often frustrated by the way our media represents fathers. There is Homer Simpson from The Simpsons TV Show, Daddy Pig from Peppa Pig, and who could forget Al Bundy and Archie Bunker? Oh, there are so many more bad examples of fathers. We need more videos like this… … Continue reading

Did You Know the Word “Dung” is in the Bible?

I started a new ritual at the beginning of this year. I now put on some headphones each day and listen to the audio Bible, during my morning jog. This was sort of a New Year’s resolution, and I am so glad I started it, because, even though I have read through the Bible several years ago, I am hearing verses and things found in the Bible that I never remember hearing before. Like today…… … Continue reading

One Dad’s Story May Change How You See Your Family This Father’s Day

  It certainly wasn’t my plan. I was going to have the perfect little Christian family. I grew up as a preacher’s kid. My parents listened to Focus on the Family on the radio, and I did, too. I went to a Christian high school and eventually Evangel College in Springfield MO. After that, I took my first full time Christian radio job. Oh, I was so sure that I had it all figured out.… … Continue reading