Reframe: From The God We’ve Made…To God With Us


Reframe invites you to reconsider life and what it might look like if you were ruined for anything else but a life-giving connection to the almighty God.
Reframe challenges you to change your paradigm about your relationship and connection with God, because in truth, you are engineered so that life will not work without Him.
Reframe peels back the layers revealing what a relationship with God is not so that we can finally find out what it could be.

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Accomplished recording producer Brian Hardin experienced a mediocre Christian faith until one day, he purposed to read the Bible daily. His resolve led to the start of the Daily Audio Bible, which after ten years has had more than 80 million downloads and feeds hundreds of thousands of listeners each day. He is the author of Passages: How Reading The Bible In A Year Will Change Everything For you and Reframe: From The God We’ve Made…To God With Us. Connect with Brian and the Daily Audio Bible (DAB) on Facebook and on Twitter.

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