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A Singing Christmas Card to YOU from Unspoken

The guys from Unspoken stopped by to treat you to a heartfelt and relaxed acoustic performance of “Feliz Navidad.” Not only is this video festive, but these guys sound incredible, too! Now all we need is a little hot cocoa and maybe a warm fire. 🙂   From all of us… we wanna wish you a Merry Christmas!   … Continue reading

Check Out These Mad Piano Skills

Aaron Shust is helping us celebrate Christmas in a lot of different ways – one being his incredible piano skills in this acoustic performance of his new Christmas song called “Unto Us.”   Not only are we impressed with Aaron’s musical abilities, but we’re pretty excited about his offer to help us give back this Christmas. He’s giving away a $1,000 shopping spree to a family in need – and we need your help finding… … Continue reading

5 Artists Who Started Christmas-ing Even Before We Did!

Lots of WAY-FM artists have been embracing Christmas festivities even before we did! Check out these moments from some of your favorites. 🙂 If you’re not so sure about this “Christmas-music-before-Thanksgiving” thing, you should check out this song by Brandon Heath. What are your favorite ways to celebrate Christmas? Bart Millard from MercyMe put up his tree! “Miles is transfixed by our Christmas tree,” he says. Miles is transfixed by our Christmas tree. A photo… … Continue reading

Maybe the World Needs More Music Like This

We love Thanksgiving and are thankful for a lot of things – Christmas music being one of them! But there aren’t really a lot of songs about Thanksgiving… except for this one by Brandon Heath! Brandon is a little unsure about this whole “Christmas-music-before-Thanksgiving” thing, so he took it upon himself to write a festive song about his feelings on the subject. It’s called, “The Day After Thanksgiving.” Brandon, we appreciate the sentiment and festivity… … Continue reading

An Open Letter to All Your Christmas-Hating Friends

Yes, you heard it right – Christmas is here on WAY-FM! It’s never too early to start getting in that Christmas-y mood, spreading joy around, and celebrating Christ’s birth. You may have friends that aren’t too happy about this whole “Christmas-before-Thanksgiving” thing, so we have just the thing for you! Recently, Michael W. Smith provided his fans with a letter explaining why they were listening to his new Christmas CD before Thanksgiving. We thought this… … Continue reading

How You Can Become a Twitter Rockstar Like Jonny Diaz

Have you ever wondered what Twitter is all about or what you’re supposed to do now that you have a Twitter account? No need to turn to your teenager just yet. Check out Jonny Diaz’s Twitter account for a little inspiration! Here are a 6 ways to up your Twitter game! 😉 1. Provide Inspirational Quotes I’m a firm believer in working hard towards a goal. But, if you don’t smile on the journey, you… … Continue reading

What to Do When You’re Not Strong Enough

If you or a friend doubt you can handle what life throws at you next, this blog post is for you. Read on to figure out how to react to downright hard times in your life. With the help of Matthew West and his song, “Strong Enough,” here are 4 things you can start with when you don’t know what to do next. 1. Give up. Give up on the idea that you can fix… … Continue reading

A Day in the Life of Mike Donehey is More Interesting Than We Expected

Mike Donehey from Tenth Avenue North recently let us in on a “day in the life” of his family. What seemed like it would be a typical run-of-the-mill video about someone’s morning routine, turned into 3 minutes of thought-provoking questions and inspiring answers. Watch as Mike goes through the beginning of his day while one of their new songs called “Just Getting By” plays in the background. If you listen to the lyrics, you can… … Continue reading

7 Reasons We Love Tenth Avenue North

In honor of the brand new Tenth Avenue North Album, “Cathedrals,” here are 7 reasons we’re big fans! Plus, if you scroll to the end, we’ll tell you more about a chance to win a free copy of their CD and a chance to see them live! 1. Their sense of humor There are tons and tons of examples of Tenth Avenue North’s sense of humor. From Instagram, to you YouTube, to Twitter, these guys… … Continue reading

Why You’re Hearing Carrie Underwood on WAY-FM

We’re on the lookout for good role models for our kids. We look for someone who is living out their faith well, and though you might have been surprised to hear her on WAY-FM at first, Carrie Underwood is doing just that. She’s been very successful in country music, but she hasn’t shied away from being open about her faith.  In fact, the new song you hear on WAY-FM called “Something in the Water” has… … Continue reading