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Meet Wally

I am Wally the host of Total Axxess.  I am not a pastor or counselor.  I am a guy who did mainstream radio shows for 13 years till God got a hold of me and brought me here.  I am not perfect, and I definitely still have some edges.   I am a person, like you who is trying to consistently live out my faith on a daily basis.  Some days I succeed and some… … Continue reading

Brain Freeze

Someone called to tell us how to prevent brain freeze while eating ice cream.  We decided to test the theory Mythbusters style with intern Richard. … Continue reading

MikesChairity Success

Thank you so much to everyone who came out to support Hannah and her family at our MikesChairity Acoustic Concert.  We raised almost $8,000 for Hannah and her family as she continues to recover from her bone marrow transplant.  It was an amazing night!  It is always cool to see God's people open their hearts and wallets to help those in need. Here is the video from last night in case you missed it.   … Continue reading

Run Toby Run

TobyMac asked me to join his team for the the Music City Marathon and because it is Toby I said yes.  One problem, I am ridiculously out of shape, so I had better start training.  If you want to join us in Nashville, click here for all the details. … Continue reading

Global Axxess Haiti: Thank You

If you have not heard we ended getting our 1,600 kids in Haiti sponsored.  We actually ended up with more than 1,600 so thank you so much.  It was a long four days but completely worth it as now these 1,600 kids have forever had their lives changed thanks so you.  Here is one more video from our trip to Haiti that illustrates some of the suffering that goes on there…unfortunately it was my suffering.  … Continue reading

Global Axxess Haiti: The Next Great Haitian Artist

At one of the Compassion projects they were showing us paintings done by some of the kids in the program.  I was so impressed, I asked if I could buy one of the paintings.  The cool thing was I also got to meet, Johnny, the kid who did the painting I bought.  I hope he becomes a famous artists and overcharges me for one of his paintings someday. … Continue reading