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Walter Picks The Hits

Walter has the largest collection of Christian CD's in the known universe.  He is a taste maker and a hit picker and he has the ear of the industry.  This is Walter's latest pick: Mandisa's "Good Morning" (featuring tobyMac).     Meet Walter … Continue reading

American Idol Scotty McCreery and Wally Have Something in Common

It looks like Scotty and I have something in common.  We both support I am Second, (notice his black I am Second arm band). I am Second does videos with famous people talking about how they came to faith.  Scotty supports them and has not even done a video with them yet so hopefully we will see something from him soon.  Until then you can check out my I am Second video.  I will admit… … Continue reading

TA Live in Louisville, KY

Check out a few highlights from the TA live experience in Louisville, KY. Hopefully we'll be bringing the show live to a town near you soon!   First we did a live version of Smarter Than A Rock with Betty Rock on video:   Than we did Who In The Band with Sanctus Real: … Continue reading

Tom Brady Jazz Hands

It appears NFL quarterback Tom Brady in not immune to the power of the jazz hands.  Although he looks a little girly doing his. Click here for all the Total Axxess Jazz Handy goodness. … Continue reading

Jon Acuff on the Grand Canyon University web cam

Jon Acuff, author of Stuff Christians Like and a new book called "Quitter" on the Grand Canyon University web camera. You can submit a question for our Dear Jon segment.   Today we talked about getting distracted while praying and whether it's ok to spend a lot of money on a church building. … Continue reading

Quiz: Are you annoying?

We all took a quiz that measured how annoying we were. How do you think it should turn out? Here's the quiz if you'd like to take it for yourself. It's down the page a little on the left.   … Continue reading