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Find Hope Mask Giveaway

Masks have become a part of our daily lives now, but they don’t have to be boring! You can use a mask to spread a message of hope with our Find Hope masks! If you’d like a WayFM mask we have a limited number to giveaway, so sign up for your chance to win one! … Continue reading

Virtual Summer Fun

Well it looks like summer is going to be a lot tougher on parents…since a lot of summer camps and Vacation Bible School’s won’t be happening this year, we wanted to give you some online tools to help you and your family survive this summer! And if you know of a great resource not listed – let us know! Happy Camper Live is like a real life summer camp online with virtual camp counselors, rec… … Continue reading

Home Education Tools

Well it looks like we’re all going to be homeschooling our kids during these tough times. BUT it doesn’t have to be hard! We’re putting together a MASSIVE list of educational tools you can use at home! If you know of a great resource not listed – let us know! Many educational websites are offering free access during the quarantine period: Scholastic is offering is offering their Learn from Home program for free during this… … Continue reading

WAY Coloring Pages

With all the nasty germs passing through the air… Schools have decided to close! (Oh no!) Leaving all the LITTLES of  -WAY-  with nothing to do… We have a solution that doesn’t involve iPads, TV OR Video games! (WHAAAATTT?!) Spend your days at home coloring with our fun & creative WAY-FM coloring book!!! When you’re  finished coloring, you can even take a picture and post them in our Facebook group!!! Coloring Book Page 1 Coloring… … Continue reading

Office Hero

Nothing brings an office together like free food! We all love that person who brings in donuts or pizza to share with the office. BUT what could be better than pizza or donuts? BBQ OBVIOUSLY! That’s why we’ve partnered with 4 Rivers Smokehouse to make YOU the office hero! Sign up below for your chance to win a catered lunch for 12 from 4 Rivers Smokehouse for your workplace! And after you’ve tasted the magic… … Continue reading

Christmas Fun Guide

The holidays have come to North Florida and South Georgia! This festive season is always full of fun events for the whole family to enjoy! From Christmas musicals to living nativities we’ve got you covered with our Christmas Fun Guide! Check out all the great Christmas events happening right here in our community! And if your church or organization has a Christmas event don’t forget to add it to the list by clicking the button… … Continue reading

Michael Relief Collections

We’ve partnered with Convoy of Hope to send volunteers to their Marianna staging location to help aid with distribution of much needed supplies. But we know it’s hard for a lot of you to drop everything and go help but you still want to make a difference! We’re compiling a list of collection drives from around the area where you can drop off necessary supplies. Be sure to check back often as we will be… … Continue reading

Hurricane Michael Relief Volunteer

  Our hearts are broken for our brothers and sisters in the Gulf Coast…and we know that you want to help too! So we’re partnering with Convoy of Hope to put boots on the ground and be the hands and feet of Jesus to those in need. We’re gathering volunteers to go help at their Marianna staging area and help pass out supplies to those in need. AND we’re actually going to send teams door… … Continue reading

Fall Festival Guide

It’s fall in North Florida and South Georgia and that can mean only one thing! It’s time for sweaty kids jumping in a bouncy castle for hours on end driven mad by a sugar rush of epic proportions! That’s right it’s time for FALL FESTIVALS!!! Get your game plan ready by checking out all the great fall events happening right here in our community! And if your church or organization has a fall event don’t… … Continue reading