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3 Things You Can Do For Yourself Today

Like many, you’re probably tired. You’re tired of hearing about the pandemic, tired of hearing about racial tension, and tired of hearing the continuous barrage of negative news coverage. You’re tired of being tired! Here are 3 things that we invite you to try today that can help you: 1. CUT YOURSELF SOME SLACK There’s a churchy word for this idea called grace, but we’ll spare you the sermon. You don’t need it. Please hear… … Continue reading

A History of the Iconic ‘God Is Love’ Sign

Located on the property at 1402 S. Grove Ave. in Fort Myers, the landmark God Is Love sign has greeted McGregor Boulevard travelers for close to eight decades. But believe it or not, a lot has had to happen to keep the iconic sign glowing, or even keep it around at all. Below is an account of some of the bigger moments in the God Is Love sign’s 77-year history, according to The News-Press: George… … Continue reading

Here’s the only Southwest Florida news you need to see today

You don’t need me to remind you that the media-sphere is inundated by negative stories and commentary. Even without the current Coronavirus pandemic, that would still be true. The good news is…there’s still good news! Instead of scrolling through your feed for two hours or turning on the TV to find some positivity, I’ve taken the liberty of putting some of the best right-now stories all in one place for you. Let’s celebrate hope and… … Continue reading

COVID-19 Resources & Information

Each one of us have been affected in some way or another by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. We are here to remind you that our Hope and Faith is in Jesus, and we are ALL in this together! It’s also important to remember that some of our friends and neighbors are facing greater risks and needs, as various precautionary restrictions are put into place to reduce the risk of exposure to the virus. If you… … Continue reading

Your ‘little bit’ is everything

God can do so much with so little, yet most of the time we struggle with giving only that little bit. But is giving a little bit really worth it? The fact is that God owes us nothing, yet He gave us the opportunity to spend an eternity with Him by sacrificing His ONLY SON to pay for the wrongdoings of you and me. The God of our universe can do whatever He chooses, whenever… … Continue reading

God is up to beautiful things that we can’t see coming!

A few weeks ago, my mom was in the hospital because of complications with pneumonia. I’m happy to tell you that she’s no longer in the hospital and her health has improved drastically. God is good! But during her time in the hospital, she had interactions with many different people, and on one of the mornings that I came to visit her, she shared a quick story with me. Now keep in mind, the only… … Continue reading

Keep doing the right thing. God will bless it!

My girlfriend has had to face many challenges in her workplace for several months, and one of the many reasons why is because of a lack of team chemistry around her. When issues have surfaced, many of her peers have been quick to push them under a rug or sweep them into a corner. Brittany has tried many times to explain what she feels can help the issue or help move the company past some… … Continue reading

Maybe it’s time to fix your vision?

One of the most rewarding aspects about directing the community-focused mission of a ministry is that you receive the beautiful gift of serving alongside amazing people! This past weekend, we had the pleasure of celebrating at Clam Jam, which is an annual seafood and music festival at the German-American Social Club off of Pine Island Road in Cape Coral, and I had the privilege of serving with Michelle and her daughter, Kailyn, both of whom… … Continue reading

Be prepared to handle the cold!

My girlfriend is from Cape Coral, so she’s not very used to the cold air when it trickles out of the depths of the arctic and down onto the white, sandy shores of Southwest Florida. She’s seen snow only twice in her life. She’s a Floridian through and through, and that means she’s thinking of what’s comfortable pretty much every time she makes the trip to her closet. And why wouldn’t you? It’s Southwest Florida.… … Continue reading