If Jesus Had a Blog: I Am the Way

image.axd_-300x240Hey what’s up.

Haven’t been blogging a lot lately. Some major stuff is happening. I was having a big dinner with my friends, and had to fill them in on some pretty heavy stuff. Anyway, here’s part of the conversation:

Thomas said to me, “Lord, we don’t know where you are going, so how can we know the way?”

I answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. If you really know me, you will know my Father as well. From now on, you do know him and have seen him.”

By the way, I didn’t say all those little numbers. I just figured I’d include them, because you guys are going to eventually do that anyway.

Much love and peace to you. Love that I get to call you my friends.

– J

4:15p today



I just adore how Jesus says here that we’re all God. All of our roads lead up the mountain to God. If we could just see that, and seize that truth, we could be so much better off!

– sandsunshine2009

Jesus is so inspiring. I’m glad there are great teachers like him who point us toward the different ways we can approach God. There are many paths. But they all lead to the same enlightenment that Jesus found!

– Huskies_201

Hey guys, I’m with you, and this is weird, but I don’t think Jesus is saying “We’re all God”. Or that there are “different ways”. I think he just said the opposite thing up there. He’s saying he is THE way, apparently. Kind of a turn-off, honestly. Maybe he’s not so enlightened after all.

– cindyLK

I just re-read the blog, Cindy, and you are right. That is what it says. But clearly, the real Jesus would not say that. So someone has gone through his blog and changed what he said. I’ve seen some of his other blogs, too, and they’ve clearly been tampered with.

He wouldn’t say this stuff. I know this because what he really said was not this stuff.

– Huskies_201

That reminds me once there were all these blind guys and they were touching an elephant and they all said different things and I can’t remember exactly how it goes but anyway it shows that all the different views are wrong and the only enlightened person is the one that gets to tell the other guys that they’re blind and that’s pretty cool. Something like that.

– mike99

Jesus is just saying He is “the way” to success. We all have dreams of bigger and better, and He is the way to those dreams! Yes, Jesus. Praise you.

– livin’it2020

As a Christian, I think what Jesus really means is that we need to take America back!

We’ve drifted to far from the ten Commandments. Jesus, honestly I’m a little disappointed that this blog is always “Me, me, I did this, I’m this” and so on. This country is falling apart and need solid morals and your talking about yourself. Jesus, does everything have to be all about you?

– em4christ

Huskies_201, think about it: In Christianity, there is only one God, and He is not us. In Hinduism, there are 300 million gods. In Buddhism, there is no separate “god”, and everything that is, is “one”, metaphysically. They’re not saying “different” things. They’re saying mutually exclusive things. They can’t all be true. Defies logic.

– sara28

Sara, I feel sorry for you and those like you who think they have THE truth. I love Jesus, too, but to say he’s somehow “it” is narrow-minded, judgmental, and exclusivist. Jesus told us to love people, period. You should be more like him. He never told people he was the only way to the Father.

– csmithton

…except when he did. Repeatedly. Like in this blog.

– sara28

Whatever, Sara. The point is the Crusades.

– csmithton

Yep. The Crusades. I hate the Crusades. They were 800 years ago, and truth is, I’ve never really studied them, but the point is #crusades.

– bobPT219

The Crusades were AWESOME. As a Christian, I’m so glad we got in there, and kicked those Muslim [deleted] out of Jerusalem. Like Jesus says: We always, always, always win!

– victory_in_jesus

…except you lost.

– bobPT219

I love this blog! So glad Jesus presents his truth this way. Like he says, we all must find our own truth, and live according to it.

If we try hard enough, we can make our way up the mountain to God, or gods, or whatever you believe in. You must make your way toward whatever it is you believe in, and someday, if you make it, you will reach the top of whatever it is we’re trying to climb and be greeted by whoever or whatever we believe in and so just keep focusing on yourself and then you’ll be there at the top to greet yourself!

– trudyW

jesus thank u for makin g a way to me

– horsegurl9

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