• The WORST way to cool down
    Producer Tom accidentally did something to spoil the food in his house. He also reveals his fear of flying, and we offer tips to make his upcoming trip better. Joy shares a heartfelt story about her Dad.

  • SPECIAL EDITION: Jillana Goble on fostering and adopting | Interview
    Joy chats with Author Jillana Goble, who has become a mother in every possible way. From having and fostering kids, she's adopted children of all ages and is willing to share from what she calls "the messy middle!" Joy chats with her about her new book, A Love-Stretched Life: Stories on Wrangling Hope, Embracing the Unexpected, and Discovering […]

  • Joy has bugs
    It's another Taste Test Tuesday! We try the new wagyu burger from Arby's, how does that stack up against other fast food restaurants? Producer Tom's daughter turned 14 and there was a boy invited to her party...WHAT?! And Joy needs help with bugs in her house!

  • How to stay COOL
    Who do you know with an infectious laugh? Producer Tom has one and we try to make him crack up, play along! Also we talk about tips on how to stay cool during the summer months. The studio AC stopped working, help!

  • SPECIAL EDITION: The Skit Guys | Interview
    Tommy and Eddie are The Skit Guys. Joy talks to them about their summer movie called "Family Camp!" They also play a game at the end, let's see how well they know there camp songs!

  • Do you know your boy bands?
    If you grew up listening to boy bands, play along with our boy band battle! Tom's daughter is turning 14, hear joy's gift idea. Also Joy's son has nails like talons, how do you cut your kids nails?

  • Spelling Bee
    Come play new music Monday with us! Producer Tom and his wife Jessica had a disagreement, Is it "Pat or Pate?" And Joy gives Tom a spelling bee, how does he do?

  • Joy's BIG fight
    Hear about the crazy things that can happen while on vacation with a toddler. Joy shares a fight that happened in her marriage. Also we talk about the places you don't want to get physically stuck!

  • Road trip
    Joy is going on a road trip with her toddler and producer tom offers some travel tips. Joy has an embarrassing moment at work! We also talk about illness hitting your family, but life still has to go on.

  • Lost ring
    The TV show "This Is Us" ended, now what do we watch? There's some good news surrounding the formula shortage. Also what do you do when you find something that's not yours?

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