Get Rid of Complaining Once and For All!

I’m a complainer.

I always have been.

Complaining Get Rid Of The problem is that once I took a step back and examined the reason why I complain, I realized my complaints reflect my negative attitude!

I got cut off on my way to work today and I verbally complained to no one in particular. When you really think about it, what are you saying when you complain? I was saying that this car should have more regard for ME. I was saying that I am important and the world should do what I want it to do. In essence, complaining comes from a selfish heart that says the world revolves around me.

I NEVER would have thought that was me, but the evidence says I must struggle with this. When we change our heart attitudes and realize that the universe is not all about us and will not always go our way then our complaining will cease.

God’s story is so much bigger than just me, so it’s time I started seeing it that way.
If the problem is all about how we see the world, then let’s change our view.

This article from Relevant Magazine helped me to understand how to get rid of complaining. 

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