See the Details of Joy’s Latest Breakup

I’m on a new health kick with Life Transformation 360 and that means cutting some of the bad stuff out of my diet. Ranch Break Up

Sadly, one of those things that I need to “break up” with is Ranch Dressing.

I’ve been in love with Ranch for long time, so it isn’t going to be easy. My heart is broken and I’m sure that Ranch will not understand why I need some space. I decided to write a break up letter to Ranch to try to find some closure. If you need to break up with an unhealthy food relationship, feel free to use my letter and fill in the blank with your own struggle.

My Breakup Letter copy


Dear ________,

This is hard for me to say, but I think we need to take a break. Please know that you have done nothing wrong. It’s not
you, it’s me. I am trying to get healthy and your goodness cannot be a part of my new journey. You make so many people happy across the world, but I need to take a step back.

Our relationship was filled with passion and I want you to know that what we had was real. _________ I’ve loved you since I can remember. It’s almost like you are a part of my family. We have been together for so long that I need to figure out who I am apart from you. I just need space and that space is going to be filled with carrots, apples, peas, or anything healthier than you. But I doubt that I will ever feel the same spark with them that I felt with you. I will cherish all we had and the sweet memories of us together on holidays, vacations, daily lunch, and occasionally breakfast.

I wish you the best __________. Please don’t forget me.


– Joy Summers

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