3 Surprising Facts About Parasites and How You Can Help

Compassion Boy

Parasites aren’t something we think about on a day-to-day basis because they’re not hard to cure and we have the medication. These kids don’t.

Your WAY-FM has teamed up with Compassion International to bring you these 3 surprising facts about parasites and what you can do about it:

1. Parasites can lead to death.

The World Health Organization says every year 3 million people die because of water-related diseases, making it the leading cause of disease and death around the world… That’s a sobering thought.

2. Parasites mean no education.

Parasites leave kids malnourished. Parasites stunt growth and cause many severe health problems. So, ultimately, parasites mean a child has poor school performance or gets too sick to go at all some days.

3. Over 2 billion have parasites.

It’s hard to believe, but 2 billion people worldwide are sick with soil-transmitted parasites.

Thankfully, you can change this.

But time is running out. Today is the last day that your electronic gift of a dollar-a-day not only helps keep WAY-FM on the air, but it also provides medical treatment and the hope of Jesus for 3 children suffering from parasites! You choose how you give: $30 per month or a single gift of $365.

We’re so excited about this partnership! You’re making ministry happen in your community through WAY-FM and around the world through Compassion with just a dollar-a-day! Why not consider giving today?



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