This Response to Controversy Will Make You Stop and Think

Starbucks Red CupsLots of responses to the “Red Starbucks Cup” controversy are flying around the internet, but this one struck us as a little different. It’s from one of our listeners in Louisville. She brings up some great points to think about. Thanks for letting us share this, April!

If I were a marketing agent of a coffee shop known for a lack of support of the military and being overly Politically Correct, I would write a blog making it appear that Christians were “up in arms” over a solid red coffee cup.

I would share this blog and before it even had time to circulate I would write 5 more blogs from the stand point of other Christians who were smart enough to know this was a stupid fight. I would stand up for the coffee shop and explain how it’s the duty of every good Christian to do so as well because to not do so is being judgmental and a poor example of Christ’s love.

My fellow Christians, you can quit scolding your brothers and sisters now. If you notice, all you have seen are articles about how Christians are supposedly making a fuss, although no one is.

This is a marketing tool used to make Christians look petty.

This isn’t actually happening.

Anyone with any common sense KNOWS we are not talking about a Christian company. We know they strive only for political correctness and them bending over backwards to NOT offend anyone by making a solid red cup does NOT OFFEND us.

NONE of us.

You do not have to worry about your brother and sister’s heart who is so bent out of shape over this because it isn’t. We are smarter than this. Have a little faith in those of your faith.

Don’t be so easily swayed against your brothers and sisters. “The world does not know us because they did not know Him”. It’s ok that “they” don’t understand us but let’s have a little understanding among us.

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