Get a Hatchimal, NES Classic, and other Hard To Find Toys this Christmas!

Hatchimals and NES Classics

Before this Christmas season, you didn’t know what a Hatchimal was and you thought the NES Classic was a thing of the past. But your kids knew better. Now, these items are sold out everywhere and you’re on the hunt to find them!

Good thing you have a chance to get them under the tree!

Every gift we receive during WAY-FM’s Year-End Pledge Drive automatically enters you to win a shopping spree under the WAY-FM Christmas Tree. You choose the toy you want from the list below!

You give so generously to WAY-FM. This is our way of saying a big “Thank You and Merry Christmas!”


A donation is not necessary to enter the contest. You can enter by e-mailing

Official Contest Rules

Choose from one of these hard-to-get toys!

Top Tech Toys 2016

  1. Hatchimal (Blue and Green Draggle)
  2. Hatchimal (Purple Draggle)
  3. Nintendo NES Classic Game Console
  4. Atari Flashback Classic Game Console
  5. Sega Genesis Classic Game Console
  6. Zoomer Chimp
  7. Bear Smart Toy
  8. Cozmo Robot
  9. Code-a-pillar
  10. Sharper Image DX-4 HD Video Streaming Drone
  11. Playstation PS4 Uncharted4 Bundle
  12. Portable Entertainment Projector: The Black Series
  13. Portable Entertainment Projector: The Black Series
  14. BB-8 App Enabled Droid
  15. Wowee Chip Robot Dog
  16. High Roller Hoverboard
  17. Jetson V5 Balance Hoverboard
  18. Razor Hovertrax 2.0
  19. Razor Power Core E90 Scooter

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