Rob Lowe, Sex tapes, and Redemption

I know just TWO things about actor Rob Lowe:

  1. When I was in high school, some really awful stories surfaced about him. He had become addicted to drugs and alcohol. His addiction to drugs and alcohol led to some poor decisions. And even without the help of YouTube and social media, video proof of his poor decisions were quickly spread, and viewed by many. Tapes of him with a sixteen year old girl, among the worst.

As the stories broke, and there were several, I was convinced his career would be…over.

  1. Parks and Recreation. Fast forward to the present: I have been trying to make my way through this TV series via Netflix. I really adore his character on the show, Chris Traeger, the overly health conscious city manager of Pawnee, who after a rare blood disorder diagnosis, became determined to be the first man to ever live to be 150 years old. His character likes to say, “LITRALLY” a lot.

I saw Rob Lowe recently. He is touring the country telling stories. I’m not a Rob Lowe super-fan, but could tell moments in at that show packed with some serious Rob Lowe fans just how loved he is.

And over the course of a couple hours, I could tell just how endeared he is to his loyal fans. It’s like the relationship you have with someone who you’ve endured things with. And, they have.

Amid the stories he told, many of them behind-the-Hollywood-curtain tales, I learned he’s been in recovery for 29 years as of last week. His marriage is strong, and he and his wife have a deep, weather-proofed kind of relationship.  His two sons are doing incredibly well, one of them about to graduate from law school last week.

His career is NOT over, and his sense of humor is more than in tact, it’s seasoned by perspective: pain, loss, a lot of shame, and recovery, creating a sense of gratitude and warmth not otherwise found

If you doubt God’s grace, if you doubt His ability to redeem a life, if you doubt God’s ability to heal you or someone you’ve been praying for…

Rob. Lowe.


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