4 Reasons Danny Gokey Gets it Right


1. He gets that we want to jam to the music AND be encouraged.

“I’m a person of faith, so I always want my songs to have a strong message of hope. I want to write them in a way that is fresh. ‘Hope In Front of Me’ has got a great message, but it’s also got a great groove to the song so you are moving and your soul is getting fed while you are singing and jamming to the music.” – Danny Gokey

2. He found hope in the middle of a bad situation.

His song, “Hope in Front of Me” stems from Danny’s own journey. Danny lost of his first wife, Sophia, at the age of 28. In spite of the terrible pain he felt, Danny followed through on a promise he made to her and auditioned for American Idol and ended up making it to the finals.

“All of a sudden, something I’ve always wanted, which is a music career, was that point of hope in front of me. I was like, ‘Oh my goodness. You know, maybe something good could come out of this bad situation.” – Danny Gokey Interview

3. He’s spreading that hope to others.

Over the next few years, God gave Danny the resources to not only start a music career and ministry, but also to start an organization called Sophia’s Heart, dedicated to reaching the lives of children in need. Danny was also able to write a book about his journey, inspiring others to hold on to the hope right in front of them.

4. His brand new music video tells an awesome story.

The story of holding on to hope is told amazingly well, in the brand new video to”Hope in Front of Me.” No surprise, the song is catchy, but also powerful. Check out the video below!

How have you seen hope in your life recently? Let us know in the comment section.

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