How to Reverse Your Regrets and Mistakes (from Josh Wilson)

When you make a mistake something, the first thing you wish you could do is take it back. Josh Wilson tackles that feeling of regret in his latest music video, but he also shows us how grace enters the picture and takes our breath away.

Not only can the guy write a good song, but Josh can write poetry with some excellent twists. He wrote this poem to accompany the video for the song, “No More.”


We asked Josh to give us a taste from behind the scenes of this music video and what was going on in his head as he came up with the concept.

Who wrote the poem woven throughout the video?

I wrote the text of the poem! Romans 8:1 is my favorite scripture. It’s the pinnacle of our salvation. It says there is “no condemnation” if we are in Jesus Christ. I wanted to celebrate that truth in this song and in the video.

Where did the video concept come from?

I saw someone on post a photo of a poem with a similar structure. It was negative when you read it from top to bottom, and positive when read from bottom to top. I thought it was a fantastic concept, and I had the idea of writing a poem of my own to use in this video. I wanted the video to be something nontraditional. I didn’t want to have me singing and playing the song. I just wanted to use the poem to get across the message of the song. Because of Jesus, our regrets and our guilt can actually be undone, reversed.

What was the hardest part of making this video?

The hardest part for me was writing the poem. Every line had to be something that could be read forward and backward. The second hardest part was nailing the video in one take. Because of the concept, there could be no camera cuts. We filmed to the halfway point, and then, of course, the video is reversed from there to achieve the “a ha” moment that the text works both ways.

Was there a moment in your life or a circumstance you witnessed when this concept of Jesus “reversing” our guilt was made real to you?

All the time. I don’t know why I hesitate to turn away from my sin and back to the Lord, because every time I do, I don’t find a disappointed and angry father. Just like in the story of the prodigal son, I find a father who is running to me, welcoming me back and offering forgiveness to a repentant heart.

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