Where is God When You Can’t Feel Him?

“It was a scary time for me and for my family.”
Jonathan Steingard from Hawk Nelson

Does this sound familiar to you? Maybe you’re going through a scary time right now or maybe a friend is. Or maybe you just know what it’s like to wonder what God is doing.

The guys in Hawk Nelson know, too. But they’re also on a mission to remind you of an important fact. We’ll let Jon tell you about it himself in this quick story-behind-the-song video for “Faithful.”

“If He’s proved it in the past, if He’s been faithful in the past, why wouldn’t He be faithful in the future?”
Jonathan Steingard from Hawk Nelson

So, where is God when you can’t feel Him? He is right next to you. He always was and always will be faithful. Remember this while you check out the lyric video to the song “Faithful” by Hawk Nelson.

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