You know you are in Africa when armed guards search your vehicle just to enter your hotel.  Africa is my second home. It is a different world here, but one that I love.


We arrived late and spent the day acclimating and are now preparing to fly to Marsabit to see the work Blood Water Mission is doing there with the hopes of helping mothers in need get water for their families. The Internet , and sadly bathrooms, will be sketchy from here on out, but please follow along and share this with your friends as we really want to make this a special Mother’s day for the moms in Kenya.


My wife is terrified of flying in big planes so the upcoming trip in a single engine 5 seat plane is freaking her out a bit.  She sent a prayer request to 20 people at 3 a.m. in preparation.  The up side is this will certainly bring her closer to God:)  If you think about it please toss up a prayer for her today.


The next time we post we will be in the desert in Marsabit seeing first hand what life is like with limited water.


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