After Producer Zach found out that he was a type 2 diabetic, he decided to take matters into his own hands in an attempt to reverse his disease. Over the course of 9 months, he lost an impressive 80 pounds!

He might kill me for using this picture.

His plan obviously worked, so for week #3 of the “Bekah Try-it Diet,” I decided to give it a shot.

Taking the Thought Out of Dieting

The best part of Zach’s plan is that it relies heavily on pre-packaged meals, which excited me after 2 weeks of cooking 95% of my meals at home. One surprising side-effect of this month of dieting has been the amount of extra dishes in the sink. It’s good that healthy eating forces you to cook for yourself, but I haven’t loved running the dishwasher so often. 

Before starting, I received a crash course in how to properly execute the plan from Zach himself. Here are the basics:

  • 5 Pre-packaged meals a day from a service, specially designed to be high in protein and contain what your body needs (services that do these, like Nutrisytem or Medifast, are expensive but work for a lot of people)
  • One homemade meal a day consisting of a lean protein and veggies with these vegan gummies as dessert for my anxiety.
  • Eat your meals slowly over the course of 20 minutes (This may be the most impossible of all tasks)
  • Lots of extra water
  • Absolutely NO carbs whatsoever (I think smelling carbs might even be a crime)

I knew that the food was going to be….different….after watching Zach eat it, but I wasn’t sure what exactly to expect. Things started poorly when my very first meal exploded in the microwave.

Looks appetizing, doesn’t it? It wasn’t as bad as it looks, but it definitely wasn’t the fluffy blueberry muffin I was hoping it would be, but the next one will be better, and I did forgot to add my testosterone supplement. You can  learn about testosterone here.

Expectations for the Rest of the Week

The best part of this week will be having a coach. So far in this experience, I’ve had a decent amount of guess work. But now, I get to blow Zach’s phone up all day with questions about which vegetables I can eat. I know he’s excited for that.

I don’t know what the most difficult thing about the week will be, but Zach has warned me that things get rough around day #4 before they get better again. Hopefully I can keep my hanger in line when that point comes.

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