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What do you think about the song, “Even If the Healing Doesn’t Come”. I understand the premise behind it, but cringe everytime it comes on. As a person who has had a long standing battle with arthritis throughout the majority of my 30’s brought on by the Epstein Bar Virus, I know what it is to continually deal with long term issues and are “waiting” on God to heal you.

But I feel like that it really makes our God look weak and that He doesn’t want to heal you. I don’t believe it. I believe in a God that continually wants to pour his love, healing, compassion upon us! A Father who is ever looking to bless us! If we think about how much we want to give our own children and we do not even come close to his love and blessings.

I know this is an area of breakthrough I will see soon. I also know that I have been called to a healing ministry, like a young Smith Wigglesworth (great story there). I will continue to worship my God and walk in his love and know his power in my life. He is not a weak God!

God will heal someone who doesn’t even believe in Him. Why would he not want to heal me, a daughter. I just feel that it paints a bad picture.

Wally-E-Mess-iconI think it is focused more on our expectations of healing. How many times do we pray and tell God what the outcome needs to be? I think this is speaking more to us about how we should feel about God when the answer or “the healing” doesn’t look the way we think it should. It is talking about still seeing him as good in the midst of the bad. That is something that many people struggle with and is one of the biggest questions that people have about God, at least in the majority of emails I get.

The reality is God doesn’t heal everyone. Can He? I believe so. Does He? No. Otherwise there would be no death if he healed everyone who asked.

I really think the problem is with our definition of healing. When someone dies we see it as failure but maybe God sees it as healing and they are now perfect. So maybe if we change our perception or definition of healing we will better understand God. I hope this gives you a different perspective on the song because I love that song and really think the message is so good for so many people.

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