Global Axxess: Haiti One Year Later • Day 2


I had a sobering thought as I tried to fall asleep last night.  All day we had been touring a city in ruin.  A city covered in rubble and Debris.  As I laid in bed it hit me for the first time, we are in the very place we had watched fall apart from afar and what was to prevent it from happening again while we were here? 




As we left Port Au Prince and headed out to where the epicenter of the earthquake was, I was disturbed by the miles of tent cities and literal rivers of trash.







Soccer fields, parks and even medians are now filed to capacity with tents and inside each tent are people struggling to survive.




This tent is on a 6×6 median in the middle of a busy street.  I don’t know about you, but I have never had to worry about being hit by a car if I roll out of bed.


Amidst the sadness there are moments of joy.  We visited a Compassion funded school and that is was my favorite part of the day. 






Trinkets we get at the dollar store are not appreciated anywhere more than here.




This is Brant, from Mornings with Brant, or as we now call him, “Hair Jordan,” showing off more than just his basketball skills to the children.





Playing with the kids made me really miss my daughter, but it reminded me of how much I would want someone to help her if the roles were reversed.




Next week we will have some fun videos including Brant and I destroying Haitian kids in basketball and an impromptu dance party complete with jazz hands…and they also made me their king.  that was cool.




While at the school we met Pastor Mathurin Memard.  He runs a church that works with hand in hand with Compassion to help these children.




What is so amazing is he himself was a sponsored child from the age of ten.  What is even more incredible is he was raised in a  practicing Voodoo family, but because of Compassion’s commitment to the spiritual needs of the child, he became a Christian.  So not only did being a sponsored child affect his life, it continues to help children 37 years later.  He wanted to thank his sponsor for believing in him and wanted to reassure them that their investment was not in vain.  I believe his sponsors got there 38 bucks a month worth, and then some.  




Brant disappeared for a few minutes and apparently there was a beauty contest that I knew nothing about



The good news is it looks like he took first place.




As I sit here reflecting on the day it is hard to put into words the gravity of all I have seen.  However, one word comes to mind; Compassion.

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