Global Axxess: Haiti One Year Later • Day 3


So today was our last day in Haiti.  When I went to Africa the first time my prayer was that I would never forget everything I saw.  Following my second trip to Africa my prayer was that I would never get use to seeing poverty and pain.  Now as I return from Haiti my prayer is that I will never accept this kind of poverty as God has given me the power to help change it.





Today started off with a cold shower.  The best part was there were 3 seconds of hot water.  Just enough to fool me into getting in the shower and crossing the point of no return.  You have to laugh and remember you were fortunate to shower at all.  As you drive through the streets of Haiti you see people bathing with buckets on the side of the road, and it is anything but clean there.




Our first stop today was at a Compassion project where the kids get the education and help they need plus, a little play time.  If you have ever watched you kid play with the box the expensive toy you just bought them came in consider buying them leaves next time.  They are free and fun.




I am not sure but I think this is what Usher’s kid would look like if he had one.




One of the keys to sponsoring a child is corresponding with them.  We heard story after story of how much the letters from the sponsors meant to the kids.  If you ever wondered if kids really write letters here is the proof.




They kids write rough drafts of all their letters in a journal before they are put in a letter form, translated by the translator, and mailed.  These kids do not want to let their sponsors down so when you encourage them to do their best it really motivates them to succeed.




One of the coolest things today was buying art from some of the compassion kids.  They are teaching them to paint so I asked If I could buy one of the paintings.




It then turned into an impromptu art auction as we all overpaid for paintings, but to me this piece of art is priceless.  Especially, since I got to meet Johnny.  He was the 14 year old artist who did my painting.




I then gave him some sidewalk chalk and asked him to do a mural on the wall of the compassion office and this is what he created.




I hope he one day becomes a famous Haitian artists and charges me an exorbinate amount of money for one of his paintings.




Our next stop took us to a Compassion project in one of the poorest neighborhoods in Pot au Prince.  Driving up to the school it was evident that this was a tough place to live.




However, The kids were amazing.  They have a joy that is almost unexplainable amidst such despair.








I met this one kid who carried around a tattered little Bible which was very important to him because he wants to be an evangelist.  Honestly, I wish my Bible was that worn.




I love that Compassion not only helps sponsored kids, but also helps feed non-sponsored kids who simply need to eat.






This has been an amazing trip and I can’t wait to get back to the states and tell the stories of these amazing people.  I hope your heart will break in such a way that you too will want to help these kids.  These are certainly the “least of these” Jesus wants us to care for.


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