Day 1 in the Aftermath of Moore OK



As you drive down the street in Moore, Oklahoma, things change between 18th and 19th Street. The line between the have’s and the have not’s is clear. People stand in mountains of debris trying to figure out what things use to be. Everyone here has a story to tell.



When the news of the tornado came, people had to make a quick decision. Either ride out the storm in their homes or evacuate. A soldier and his wife decided to stick out the storm in their bathroom shower. By the grace of God they somehow survived.


When the aftermath looks so horrific it begs the question, “how do you rebuild?” and, “where do you start?” As we walked through piles of rubble, there laid the soldiers army bag. It was torn open with his cantina, boots and a crisply pressed uniform exposed and yet clean.


Down the street Wally and a team help a women search for her cats.


She shared how she gathered her pets and hid in the hallway. She broke down in tears as she explained that the hallway she was in held her recently deceased husband’s belongings.  This was the only area of the house left standing. She cried and rejoiced for every small salvageable item that the team pulled for her from the wreckage. 


While in the midst of so much loss, people still found joy. They were grateful. Grateful for their lives and grateful that it still wasn’t worse. Some even had a sense of some humor. 



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