LEGO Love For Haiti


We are collecting Legos for our trip to Haiti with Compassion International. Legos are great because they inspire creativity in kids and take no batteries (batteries are hard to get and expensive in places like Haiti).


I would love to leave a bunch of Legos at the Compassion projects we visit for all the kids to play with. Here is where you come in.


We know Legos are crazy expensive, but If your child has some Legos, ask if they would like to donate a handful and mail them to us. We will will create Lego kits from all the pieces we get in. If you don't have kids and want to buy a Lego set and send it to us, that is absolutely fine too.



Well, you've blown us away again by your generosity. We now have way more Lego's than we can pack in our suitcases. We're pulling down the address to send them while we work to figure out how to get them down to Haiti. Thank you for giving us this great problem to solve!



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