Thousands and Thousands of Vani Bands

We've been blown away by the number of Vani Bands you've sent in! We'll be taking bags and bags of bracelets with us next week on our trip to Indonesia with Compassion to give out to kids to tell them someone in the U.S. is thinking of them and praying for them.



A big thanks to…

Amy Nelson’s 5th and 6th grade class • Lion du Plessis and the C@P Kids in South Africa • The Heather family • Haley Rader from Goddard, Kansas • The Birks–Vince, Emily, Bailey and Lilly • Hannah and John Lewis • Nate Castaneda, Katie Joiner and the youth at Pittman Baptist Church • Abby, Ava, Maddie, Anna and McKayla from Louisville, KY • Mike and his kids at First United Methodist in Panama City, FL • Dr. Loyd in Fort Collins, CO • Kimberly and her girls • Candy Beal & family • Katie Jones and her students • Jordan Bennet, Grace Jackson, MacKenzie P. Bennett, Elayna Ballard, Samantha Scott, Katie Doucette, Lauren Jackson and Regina Jackson and their high school small group Bible study • Victoria Thomsen from Ashland City, TN • Rebecca Corona • Beth • Scott, Janelle, Jaden, Jarrett, Joshua and Jacob Johnson • Jini • Kaylen Schwartz, Jack Carr, Ellie, Anna Parks, Mia Gale, Lilly Shearer, Maddie Hines, Aleia Boyanovsky, Joy, Lucy Akenson and everyone at the West Hills Christian School art club in Portland, OR • Sarah Hazledine and her preschoolers in Spearfish • Whitney K, Rielly K., Sophie E. and Bree N. Young • Daniel Gryczka and the children of After School Care at Karate Zone in Coconut Creek, FL • Chris Kelly and the Medart Assembly of God Women’s Ministry and Girl’s Ministry in Crawfordville, FL • The ladies at North Naples Baptist Church • The Martinez family • Steph Burke and her kids in Hamilton, MO • Linda Gibson in Hixson, TN • L. Edwards in Wichita, KS • Odum family in Madison, AL • Mrs. C. Taylor in Clinton, MS • Brenda Jasmund in Millbrook, AL • The Bosse ladies of Clovis, CA • Laynie Boggs and all the 4th, 5th and 6th graders who helped at the Beta meeting • Donny and Lynda Habulko • Evin Norris • Kimmy • Lynn Freytag in Deerfield Beach, FL • Jeannine Daniels • Becky and Jeremy Coremen • Ernie and Jeannine Daneils in Udall, KS • Victoria Baumgarten in Louisville, KY • Moms and daughters of the United Methodist Churches in Rapid City, SD • Cherish Lee • Maggie Hall in Chattanooga, TN • Tammy Craig and the New Beginnings Community Church Youth Group in Palm City, FL • Kayla Berry from Murfreesboro, TN • Paige Pointer & Co. in Cookeville, TN • Boys & Girls Club of SW Washington • Chuck, Paula, Madisyn & Dylan Vacanti in Allendale, MI • Diane Carter in Mexico, MO • Heather Horn in Louisville, KY • Ms. Ruth A. Poirier in Deerfield Beach, FL • Girl Scout Troop 1445 • Megan and Devin Hepler in Lake Havasu City, AZ • The Vargas family in Thornton, CO • The Birks in Firsherville, KY • Tammy Duffy and Cedar Grove Elementary Vol Pre K Class in Smyrna, TN • The Didden Family (Erik, Marianne, Maegan and Erika) • Omero, Bethany and Madialena Anguiano and friends • Glynis Becker and the girls of First United Methodist Church and troop 74313 • April Hataway of Lyador Jewelry • Erin Baker, Hannah Casey, Abbey Magoffin, Ellen Robb and and the K-5th graders of Kidcrest at Woodcrest in Columbia, MO • 1st and 2nd grade Girls in Action • Kevin Lewin from Eastlake, CO • Anna Marie Winstead, Ms. Lynn, Brittany Hughes, Karen, Mrs. Sharon, Stacey Woods, Peyton Padgett and the Acteens at New Home Baptist Church, Perry, FL • Jorge and Rebecca Fernandez of Springville, CA • Deana Favaro from Palm Coast, FL • Robin and her Sunday School class at First United Methodist Church in Tulare, CA – Anna, Eziyez, Liam, Sierra, Joseph, Gaberiel, Xavier, Anthony, Ava, Xavieran, Charlene, Thomas, Anaya, Jessi, Kylee, Becky, and Allyse • Garnet Huffman of Wellington, FL • Girl Scout Troop 318 of South West IN • The Children’s Ministry at Immanuel Church in Greenbrier, TN • Natalie, Marenna, Jeremiah and Ceclia K. Harmon • The Bowdish family from St. Paul, OR • 6th-8th graders of St. Marks Church in Bemidji, MN • Kierston Matheson in Hudson, NC • Jonathan Newcombe from Colorado Springs, CO • Cheryl Ollis and family from Nashville, TN • Beverly Maggio of Harvest, AL • Ginny, Craig and Jacque • PCS–East in Louisville, KY • Felicia Brown and the 3rd grade class of Portland Christian School East Campus in Louisville, KY • Son Light in Lindsay, CA • The Alyses Graham Band ( • N. Giebel in Wausau, WI • Gilbert in Zeeland, MI • Kelsey Hapson in Wichita, KS • Yangjunfeng from China • Costelan in Rockfield, KY • Rebecca Corona in Panama City, FL • Robin Dung and Tulare Methodist Church in CA • H. Rader in Goddard, KS • Megan in Perkasie, PA • Amy Russell and the Beth Haven Child Development Center in Louisville, KY • Whitesburg P-8 School, grades 6-8 in Huntsville, AL • R. Wold in Tallahassee, FL • Christina DeFrancesco from Ft. Myers, FL • The Zegel family in Longmont, CO • Girl Scout Tropp 1445 in Louisville, KY • Keri • Brittany Leppo in Naples, FL • Misty Connolly from Smyrna, TN • Brooke Fetty in Ladson, SC • Teri Musa-Jones from Vancouver, WA • Scott and Janelle Johnson from Windsor, CO • The Acteens group from Livingston First Baptist Church – Mrs. Karen, Mrs. Norma, Hannah H., Carley, Kerstan, Emma, Sydney, Harlee, Haylee, Lyndsey, Cheyenne, Hannah B. • Amy Howard from Nashville, TN • KJ Peterson from Donald, OR • James Rosecrans from Chapel Hill, TN • The children of Christ’s Community Church in Christiana, TN – Alyssa, Kane, Cynthia, Jonathan, Nicky, Brandon and Peyton • Christy Dunn from North Chareston, SC • The McNeal family from Clarksville, TN • M. Keeney from Nashville, TN • Daniel Higdon and the Central Teens Scanning the Word (CT Scan), Central Baptist Church in Winfield, KS • Melina Birchem from Backus, MN • Lizzie Lindke from Gasport, NY • The Eschler’s from Colorado Springs, CO • Brittany White from Lebanon, TN • Bethany Johnson from Franklin, TN • The Shivvers from Hanahan, SC • Sharon White from Murfreesboro, TN • Dorothy Dillon from Petrolia, Ontario Canada • Jaime Martinez from Pueblo, CO • The Jones from Sellerburg, IN • Robert Steffensen from Roseburg, OR • Ms. Kathleen Cazeau Kersaint from Plantation, FL • E. Hazlett from Linden, IN • Children First in Spearfish, SD • J. Swarts from Aurora, CO • Clark from Franklin, TN • Emi Ikeda from Tillamook, OR • The Steffensens – Katie, Ivi, Ben, Jadon, mom and dad • Shari Terry from Tallahassee, FL • Celemon from Nashville, TN • Norris from Hixson, TN • Wilson from Clarksville, TN • The Boggs from Glasgow, KY • The Herrera Family and St. Susan Catholic Church in Elkton, KY • The Braults from Gallatin, TN • Dan Lockner from Bemidji, MN • Cornerston Church of God Kids from Lantan, FL • Baril from Panama City, FL • Jillian Quilty from Brick, NJ • The Fletcher’s and The Harr’s from Rapid City, SD • Julie Bowles from Naples, FL • Gina Lewis from Boynton Beach, FL • The Hudsons from Shepherdsville, KY • A. Venters from Cookeville, TN • Camille Seegoolam from Deerfield Beach, FL • The Bollocks from Fort Collins, CO • Karen Gerringer from Charleston, SC • The Mowrer’s from O’Brien, FL • Keri, Ashlee and Annmarie • The Berea Advent Christian Church in Smoaks, SC • Jackie Lacasse from Colorado Springs, CO • and last but not least, Tanner Davenport for helping us open all the packages.


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