The day finally came for me to face my fears and make a dream come true by skydiving with the Army’s parachute team, The Golden Knights. Even after weeks of Wally threatening to throw me out of the plane, I was ready to go once I put the official jumpsuit on!

From there, it was a smooth climb to 2.5 miles above the earth for the biggest rush I have ever experienced. Thankfully, there’s video evidence that my jump was a success, even though my instructor almost forgot a crucial tool.

It still feels hard to believe that I was that far off the ground.

During free fall, I may have looked like a total dork, but it didn’t matter! With the wind hitting my face at 150 mph, there was nothing but exhilaration and pure joy.

I think my hair even channeled its inner Wally.

The top item on my bucket list is now crossed off in grand fashion, thanks to the U.S. Army Golden Knights!

Hear this morning’s show, entirely taped live from Outlaw Field!

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