Digital Media Support Request

Use this form to make any requests of the Digital Media department, as well as submit bug reports or feature suggestions.

Please note: Our minimum turnaround time is 3 business days, not including the date of the request. Obviously requiring more or less depending on the complexity and nature of your request.

Use this calendar to plan when you can (and should) send a mass email.


  • People should not receive more than 1-2 emails a week from WayFM. (Not counting content-targeted emails: Word On The Way, WBSG, What’s Trending, etc. Exceptions may be made during Pledge Drive.)
  • We won’t send 2 WayFM emails on same day. (Not counting daily emails (WOTW, WBSG). Exception may be made if fewer than 10% of the recipients are shared.)

Due to Support Drive no additional emails will be sent between 9/12-9/21 including What’s Trending.

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