Back 2 School With Face Masks!

Hey! We love that you're interested in this, but just a heads up, it's for Northeast Alabama.

School is hard in general. But, adding COVID-19 & mask requirements into the mix, doesn’t make things any easier for the student, parent or the teacher. That’s why we are here to help! Check out our top 5 face mask picks & some face mask hacks that will help make life a little easier.

#1  WayFM Face Mask

This mask is made out of very light and breathable fabric. While one side has our WayFM logo, the other has an encouraging message. We pray you “Find Hope” during these hard times. You can buy one of these Face Masks HERE.

#2 Crayola  Face Mask

Crayola has just recently released their Mask Pack Line for kids, teens & adults! Each Pack comes with a 5-mask system featuring unique face mask designs for each day of the school week to avoid cross-contamination. You can Preorder these masks HERE


#3 Vera Bradley Face Mask

Made from 100% cotton, their non-medical face masks are soft, breathable and comfortable to wear. With two layers of fabric, they feature a slip opening to insert a disposable filter (sold separately). Features soft elastic ear straps (color may vary). Outer layer features Vera Bradley patterns. To view these masks go HERE



#4 Disney’s Cloth Face Mask

These cloth face masks are made out of polyester & cotton. Each pack includes four masks with absolutely adorable designs for kids & adults!  Check out all the patterns HERE










#5 Snapfish Face Mask

This photo gift website now makes fully customized face masks for adults and kids. You start by picking a base design, then you can add graphics, text, or even upload your own photos to be printed on the mask.The mask itself has an outer layer of polyester with an inner layer of cotton, plus a pocket to add disposable filters (two filters are included with the purchase). To design your mask click HERE














 For The Glasses Wearer


Wearing a mask with glasses can be tricky. The simple task of breathing can keep your glasses fogged up no matter how many times you wipe them off. Here are a few tricks you can try!

#1 Wash your glasses with soapy water

Before putting on that face mask grab some soap and wash your glasses! Make sure to shake off the excess water and allow them proper time to air-dry. The soapy water leaves behind a thin little layer that helps reduce the annoying “fog” .

#2 Use your glasses to seal the top of your mask

Pull your mask higher on your nose.  Then, place your glasses over the top of the material that’s over your nose. Make sure it is a secure fit so that it will keep the warm air from escaping the mask.

#3 Anti-fog spray

Walmart has a few Anti-fog spray options that are specifically designed to help keep glasses from “fogging up”. Plus, it also helps them stay cleaner for longer! It’s a win win! Some of our faves are Z Clear Lens Cleaner & Anti-Fog AND Birds Eyewear Anti Fog Spray & Defogger.


For The One Who Misplaces Everything


These hacks will most definitely make it easier to keep up with your face mask!

#1 Face Mask Lanyard

Etsy has some really cool face mask lanyard options! Some of the cooler ones have clasps, snaps & are even adjustable!

To scan these products click HERE




#2 Face Mask Carrying Bag

Again, Etsy for the win! So many really cute face mask carrying bag options! To scan these products click HERE







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