Did Steven Curtis Chapman Really Wear a Speedo on a Date?

Hey! We love that you're interested in this, but just a heads up, it's for Portland.

Steven Curtis Chapman was in Oregon for the Rock and Worship Road Show on March 18!
He also has a new book coming out called Between Heaven and the Real World, with a chapter called “Red Lobster and Blue Speedo.” Steven explains that chapter in this interview, “I tell the beginnings of my love story with my bride, my wife Mary Beth.  That was about 33 years ago when we were first meeting one another, how we met, and some of the embarrassing early moments of me trying to get to know her.” Listen to the hilarious retelling of the events that led Steven into a blue speedo…and eventually Mary Beth’s heart.

Paul also asked Steven if he has a favorite song to play that people may not know that well. “That’s a great question! There’s one song that I love playing because it’s one of my favorites songs on the guitar to play. It’s got this kind of funky sorta swampy guitar lick, it’s called “The Walk” and it was on The Signs of Life album…That’s one that was never a single or anything like that, but I love playing!”

The Walk

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