Gabriele Canazzi is a Hero

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Gabriele is a registered nurse and is also teaches at Clark College. Check out this nomination letter we received about Gabriele.”

“I’m nominating my wife, Gabriele Canazzi. I’m not nominating simply because I’m biased and think she is the most amazing woman in the whole world (which she is) but because she truly is a hero and has constantly put others and their needs before her own for as long as I have known her.

She is both a Registered Nurse and a teacher in Vancouver, WA. Currently teaching at Clark College and sharing her knowledge of nursing and health care with students also interested in pursuing that career, she’s helping to train up and encourage future heroes as well!

With every single patient she has ever encountered, and with each one of her students, she goes above and beyond to make sure they are getting the care, attention and love that they need. Staying late or showing up early to help tutor a student, or following up with a patient even after she has clocked out for the day to make sure that they are OK and checking to see if there is anything else she can do. She takes on duties and responsibilities even if their not in her official “job description” to make sure she can help the team she’s working with to be the absolute best that they can be.

She has the most caring and tender heart of anyone I know, and it’s not just in the workplace. With family, with complete strangers, she looks to how she can help serve and care for them, regardless of how it may inconvenience her.

She is a hero because she represents Christ’s love and sacrificial attitude by looking not to her own needs and what she can get from others, but instead looking to what others need and what she can give to them, without expecting anything at all in return.”


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