Hometown Hero: Alyson Huntting

Hey! We love that you're interested in this, but just a heads up, it's for Portland.

Our Hero this month is Alyson Huntting. Alyson will be honored at the Gresham Chamber of Commerce gathering on November 3. Here is the nomination we received:

It is my pleasure to nominate Alyson Huntting as a true hometown hero. Alyson is passionate about her community and goes above and beyond to support the causes she believes in.  She is committed to inspiring others to join in and help those in need and leads by example.

Examples include:

  • Being the most enthusiastic Fill-A-Bag dinner attendee every year in Gresham. This event is part of the largest food drive SnowCap receives over the year.
  • Volunteering every Weds evening to keep SnowCap services open later for those who cannot make it during the day.
  • Making major donations to Gresham Police so that the cruisers are equipped with AEDs.
  • Not only participating as the presenting sponsor at SnowCap’s annual auction, but working year-round creating hand-made art glass pieces to auction.
  • Ensuring that SnowCap’s pantry has pet food available so that low-income people don’t have to choose between feeding themselves or their pets.
  • Always willing to help purchase needed equipment like rolling carts for volunteers to accept donations or new printers to help staff be more efficient.

Alyson really is an East County Hero! SnowCap and the community are safer and kinder because she is in it.


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