Hometown Hero – An Incredible Rescue

Hey! We love that you're interested in this, but just a heads up, it's for Portland.

Our Hometown Heroes are normal people that have gone above and beyond to impact the lives of others. This month, our hero’s actions saved a life. Here is part of the nomination we received from Anita:

I want to enter Branden as a Hometown Hero. He heard my friend’s car accident and went to help. Below is an excerpt from my friend’s husband’s caring bridge post:

My daughter Elia remembers the crash in vivid detail. She told me about the look on the other drivers face, how many little trees they drove through heading down the embankment into the creek and how she was completely under water with no air just praying that God would allow her into heaven. This is when the car turned over and someone grabbed her.

Branden is the hero that rescued my daughter. Somehow he was connected with one of my buddies there who texted me saying he had just me the guy who pulled my wife and daughter out of the car. Branden came to the hospital and who I saw was a young, salt of the earth, good dude who was struggling right along with us, with the realities of the crash. Tears and hugs plenty! Elia got to meet her rescuer and get those blanks filled in!

Branden lives a couple properties away from the intersection. He just got home and heard the collision. He jumped in his truck and went to investigate. Branden noticed a postal truck on its side and checked on the driver. She was OK. He asked her where the other car was and she said she didn’t know. Branden noticed smoke coming up from Milk Creek and ran down the steep and muddy bank, jumped into the water where our car was upside down and submerged. I’m not sure at this point if another guy or two had jumped in as well but I know it happened. Branden said sheepishly that he turned the car over and heard screaming. Wait a minute I said. “How did you turn the car over?” Branden pointed up and teared up. Wow. He said he reached in to the open sunroof, felt around in the water and Elia popped into his hands. THANK YOU GOD! Branden looked down at Elia and asked her something that had been boggling his mind. “Where…how did you find an air pocket in the car?” Elia answered. “I didn’t. I held my breath and was praying. Then you pulled me out.” What a stud! How many people hear crashes happen, go investigate, jump into swift water and rescue people? Not many. Many would think, “Oh well, the medics will handle it” and go about their business. Many others would pull out their cell phones trying to grab something to put on the internet. Not Branden. No, he’s a wonderful hero. I am now not completely alone because he cared more about others than himself. Thank you! Branden went on to describe the incredible rescue of my wife where he and others tried prying open the driver side door against the current, then I believe, pulled her out of the sunroof as well. 5 or so including Deputy Cody Ringheim pulled and dragged her straight up that steep muddy slope and Deputy Ringheim began CPR, bringing Germaine back to life! His actions gave us the ability to say goodbye to my lovely wife. What a huge Blessing! THANK YOU!

We salute Branden Hood as our Hometown Hero of the Month. We will be honoring Branden with this award soon.

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Nominate the Hometown Hero in your life HERE.

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