Hometown Hero: Loran Wright

Hey! We love that you're interested in this, but just a heads up, it's for Portland.

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We are excited to announce our next Hometown Hero: Loran Wright
Loran Wright

Denise nominated Loran and here is what she said:
Loran Wright has fed the homeless weekly since around 1977 . This man has taught, prayed, hoped for, and housed the rejected. He has also served as a police officer and a benevolence pastor. He continues to encourage us at the dear 80-something that he is.

Wow! What a story of selflessness and an example of going above and beyond to help people in need.
After talking with Loran, we learned more of his story.
In the early 70s Loran started working with Easthill Church as their Benevolence Pastor. He worked with the Touch Point Hotline, a group that was on call for the homeless and those in need. He then was part of a group launching out into street evangelism. He continues to go out into the streets every Friday night to check in with those he has made a relationship with over the years, and meet new people living there. In 1980, Loran was challenged by a man he had conversations with on the street. The man said “If God calls you to feed, clothe, and house the poor, how come your not letting me live with you?” Loran felt called to take that man up on the challenge and brought him home (to the surprise of Loran’s roommate!) From that point Loran has had many different people into his home for days, weeks, months, and longer.
At 86 years old, Loran still goes out every Friday night, as well as working with other ministries and teaching at the recovery program Freedom Now. When asked about what it’s been like to see the homeless population grow so much in Portland over the years he said, “It is hard. You can’t help everybody, but you do what you can to help who you can.” Loran added, “Everybody can help. Everybody wants to help, but some people need to get out of their comfort zone to do something more.” At 86 years old, Loran’s more than 40 years of continued service to our homeless population has inspired us to do more to help whoever we can. We hope you will also be inspired to get out and go above and beyond to help those around you.

Loran Wright is a Hometown Hero!


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