Hometown Hero: Shaelynne Wachlin

Hey! We love that you're interested in this, but just a heads up, it's for Portland.

Our Hometown Hero for the month of September is Shaelynne Wachlin. Here is what Rachelle said in her nomination:
Shaelynne Wachlin is a hometown hero because of her heart for her students. She unconditionally loves to her students. She is willing to go above and beyond for any student. Students love her. She is one of the best teachers! She works more hours, she loves to have fun, take the kids on field trips, and more. She chooses to spend her personal money on her kids and class. She goes 150% on everything.
She has 3 amazing kids. Her husband is a local firefighter. While this is not about them, it shows the type of mom and person she is. She is the first person to volunteer to help cook for 200 people for her sons football team. If her daughters need anything, she is there for them.
She works for a private local Christian school. She is the first person to set up a field trip for her class to go feed the homeless. She wants to teach her students to give.
I know there are a lot of really good teachers out there, but if you just spent a few minutes in her class you would see how exceptional she is. She loves to have fun with her kids, she wants learning to be fun and enjoyable. She is willing to come in early and stay late to help anybody! Her past students come back to say “hi” everyday.

However, we found out it didn’t stop there. When Shaelynne found out the school she was working at was closing, she began work to open a new private school for the upcoming fall! Skopos Christian School is now open with Shaelynne as the director and an instructor. We were excited to be able to surprise her at the first chapel service of the school year to present her with the award.

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