Kristian Stanfill and Passion Prepare for Roadshow

Hey! We love that you're interested in this, but just a heads up, it's for Portland.

The Rock and Worship Roadshow will be in Salem on Saturday March 18. Helping lead us in worship that day will be Kristian Stanfill and Passion. Kristian shared with us how they prepare for a tour like Roadshow.

“We know that even as we rehearse God can use what we’re doing with His power. When you go on a tour like this you have all different kinds of people in the room. You have people who are looking for something. They’re searching for something. They’ve come with their eyes open saying ‘Jesus I want to see more of you.’ But there are also people who don’t even know they’re looking for something. They know that they are not happy or satisfied in life, but they don’t know they are looking for a savior. They don’t know that they’re looking for Jesus. For those people we’re praying that their eyes will be opened, even as we’re singing, to see the cross and to see Jesus.
We have a lot of fun, but we don’t take it lightly. We only get to do this tour one time. Every night we’re going to lead like it’s our last night.”

“Worthy of Your Name” is the new album recorded at the Passion 2017 Conference. It is available digitally now and in stores March 24. Of the new album Kristian says,  “We want to give people a new song to sing.” Take a listen and sing along on March 18!

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