Mandisa Coming to Portland

Hey! We love that you're interested in this, but just a heads up, it's for Portland.

Ahead of the Hits Deep Tour that’s bringing Mandisa to Portland with TobyMac, Danny Gokey, and Finding Favour, she talked with us about her latest album”Out of the Dark.”

Mandisa has been very open about her struggle with depression. The first song she wrote for this album was “Prove Me Wrong.” She says. “That is probably the most honest and raw (song). It doesn’t really end happily ever after. It’s kind of me shaking my fist at God. At the same time I really believe that when I was writing those types of songs that is what God used to help me out. There’s something about letting it out that brings healing when you’re letting it out to the One that can handle it.”

Take a listen to the rest of the conversation, check out the lyric video for “Prove Me Wrong,” and get your tickets to the Hits Deep Tour!

Get tickets to the HITS DEEP TOUR now!

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