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Methodology of a Mike Silva Festival

Mike Silva Evangelist

The Mike Silva International (MSI) team travels to the festival city to build up the local church and proclaim the life-changing message of Jesus Christ.  An MSI Festival is much more than just an event. Our team ministers in churches, meets some of the cities most critical needs, provide Bibles, hosts Pastors’, Women’s and Business Conferences, sponsors a Children’s Fiesta and conducts friendship evangelism and counselor training.  These activities are described in more detail below.

Friendship Evangelism and Follow-up Training

The success of our events is directly tied to how well the local churches rally together to promote the events and follow up with those who make decisions to trust Christ. Months before the festival takes place, MSI staff members conduct friendship evangelism training, counselor training, and follow-up training for local believers.

Pastors’ and Leaders’ Conference

Mike Silva Evangelist

MSI strives to encourage and strengthen the local churches wherever we go. One of the ways we do this is by conducting evangelism, leadership and discipleship training for pastors and church leaders. Access to training is either unavailable or unaffordable in most festival cities. MSI provides this ministry at no cost to attendees. As funds are available, we distribute Bibles and other discipleship materials to these church leaders.

Women’s Conference

This half-day conference is designed to equip, encourage, unite and strengthen the faith of the women in the communities we serve. The Women’s Conference is often the first event just for women the community has ever seen. Women who attend this event worship and pray together, are challenged from God’s Word, and are encouraged to be the woman God designed them to be in their homes, churches and community.

Compassion Aid

Mike Silva Evangelist

As part of every festival, we reach out and show the love of Jesus Christ as we share his Good News. Our team provides supplies, food, clothing, and even water wells where the need is greatest in and around the festival city. We partner with pastors to assist and equip them to meet the needs of their church body. MSI uses this outreach to show God’s compassion in a very tangible way and invite people to outreach events.

Business Conference

A special dinner and conference not only affords Mike Silva the opportunity to share the Gospel with the business community, but also gives U.S. business leaders the chance to share about Christian business principles.

Serving in Local Churches

Churches across the festival city are always eager to have MSI team members minister in their communities. Many members of MSI’s team speak, teach and/or lead worship at numerous churches throughout the week.

This is another way MSI seeks to build up the local body of Christ. This is also a great encouragement to the MSI team members, as they get a chance to interact with local believers.

Two-Night Festival

Mike Silva Evangelist

At the core of our outreach is the evangelistic festival on Friday and Saturday evenings. This event usually begins each evening with worship lead by several bands.  Following the music, Mike Silva gives a clear, compelling and culturally relevant presentation of the Gospel.

As people respond to the invitation, trained counselors from the local churches collect the names and addresses of those who indicated that they made a decision for Christ. These individuals will also be given a New Testament and Ephesians discipleship book. The local churches begin the process of following up with those who made a decision.

Children’s Fiesta

Just as Jesus values children, so does MSI! As part of each festival, we want to provide something special for the kids. It is uncommon for a church to have a special program for their children (i.e. Sunday School). Childhood is often considered to be of little value in many cultures. Kids are forced to grow up quickly, start work, and care for family from an early age. With that in mind, we added a Saturday afternoon Children’s Fiesta to our outreach program. And it truly is a party! Thousands of children (and parents) attend this high-energy event where they have fun and hear about the life-changing Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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