OHH That’s My JAM

Hey! We love that you're interested in this, but just a heads up, it's for Portland.

Pretty sure that we all have a least one.  A JAM! A song that when it comes on the radio your body tends to do something that you may not have any control over, or better yet even know you do! We will explain. Your body goes through a sort of  repetition of motions that can only be classified as “MY JAM-itis” The diagnosis is as follows. When your “JAM” comes on the radio a loud screech  leaves your mouth usually followed by an almost in audible “Ohhhhh I love that song” , your eyes open up the widest they have been all day, and the involuntary stretching out of  your arms to the radio dial to turn up the song to as loud as you can handle! Seem just about right?? A video of a baby having this SAME reaction to a song has taken the net by storm. Who would have thought..this is all you have to do to calm a lil one down LOL. Enjoy!

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