Ryan Stevenson Talks About His Heart Change

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In 2010 Ryan Stevenson was in a really low place, dark place. “I had just lost my mom to cancer. I was just emotionally and spiritually spinning out of control. I felt like I was going crazy and a different person living a double life.” A friend recommended he check out Heart Change Ministries. After the 4 days of workshops Ryan felt completely different. “It showed me a God who loves me just as I am, not how I think I’m supposed to be.”

Ryan was in Vancouver on Saturday January 14 to speak and perform at the Heart Change fundraising dinner. He sat down with 104.5 WAY-FM before the event to share a little bit more about his life and his songs.

“None of us make it into adulthood whole. So when we become adults we get to begin the process of unwinding some of the damage from growing up. Heart Change was really helpful to me. When people walk in the doors they look , stoic, bitter, embittered, angry, burned out, disheveled and within 3 days it’s almost like they are different people.

What I’ve found is that vulnerability breeds vulnerability. Our testimony unlocks people. Confession brings healing, the Bible is emphatic about that. I’ve found that through confession, through vulnerability, that’s been the biggest healing of my life. Through my songs, through my music from that day forward I’ve always wanted to speak about vulnerability, transparency, honesty, confession and just be real and honest about the things we go through as people because that is the power of your story. What creates revival in other people is when you share the dirty parts about your life.”

You have heard Eye of the Storm on WAY-FM, but Ryan also talked with us about a few other songs.

The Human Side –  “No matter what I’m going through as a person, the Lord understands my humanness and he’s not shocked or phased by it. He loves me unconditionally anyway.”

Dare You to Trust My Love – “This song was birthed in a time when I was reading a lot of Brennan Manning and books like The Shack and The Ragamuffin Gospel. These books were really stirring me. Brennan Manning says, ‘God loves us just as we are not as we think we should be.’ If Jesus was sitting across from you right now with all of your yuck, in all your mess He would say I dare you to just trust the fact that I love you right now just the way you are.”

Here is our full interview with Ryan that was originally on Facebook Live

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