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a world in which everyone has nutritious food, clean drinking water, and economic opportunities. We work in communities in the developing world focusing on three primary objectives: Enhancing Food Security, Improving Health, and Increasing Economic Viability – All at the Family Level.


people to meet their own basic needs in ways that create dignity in the individual, that are attainable and sustainable at the family level, and that will be passed down from generation to generation, creating a better way of life.

Our primary program provides training for individuals, organizations, and communities in the cultivation and uses of the multi-faceted moringa tree. Strong Harvest trains and equips local people to become Peer Educators who then take the knowledge of moringa to their own communities and beyond.


with various organizations and groups in each country, participating in a dynamic and holistic community development model that addresses the most basic needs of the people with whom we work. We partner with:

  • Community Groups
  • Churches and Rural Clinics
  • Primary and Secondary Schools
  • Children’s Homes and Orphanages
  • Non-Governmental Organizations



  • Hands-on Peer Educator training programs tailored to meet the unique needs of the participants
  • Training materials pertaining to:  basic nutrition, moringa cultivation, and using moringa for good nutrition, clean water, and economic opportunities
  • Project planning support
  • Follow-up training and support
  • Networking opportunities for Peer Educators
  • Identification of market pathways for those who seek to develop moringa into a family or community business

Strong Harvest works from the bottom up, meaning that we work with families – 

society’s smallest, most interconnected groups – to strengthen them. 

Simply.  Sustainably.

When families are strong – when they have good nutrition, clean water, and economic opportunities – amazing things happen!  Pregnant women are healthier, giving birth to healthier children; Babies are stronger and the infant mortality rate is reduced; Children are more resilient, able to attend school and retain what they learn; and Parents are able to work more productively, providing better for their families.  Communities and nations are strengthened through a healthier, better educated populace, and increased local and national economies.

We call this the Trickle-Up Effect!

The Moringa Tree

It’s the most nutritious plant yet discovered and it thrives in the areas of the world where malnutrition in most prevalent.  Plus it has a multitude of other amazing and practical uses!

Peer Education

Peer Educators are the foundation of Strong Harvest’s work ~ local people empowering their own communities to make simple changes that are sustainable, attainable, and generational.


SHI works hand-in-hand with other organizations for two reasons:  1) to increase our effectiveness and reach, and 2) because it’s just more fun to work together!

Empowering Change ~ Attainable, Sustainable, Generational




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