We Go to Disneyland Without Our Kids

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We Go to Disneyland Without Our Kids and Don’t Feel Guilty

 Ask kids to describe a dream vacation and 9 times out of 10, “Disney” will be in the reply. Taking children to Disney Parks is an experience like no other, but Disney Parks without children is magical in a completely different way.

Presently, we are the parents of two teen daughters. We have not been neglect in exposing them to Disney Resorts as they’ve grown, but sometimes, we like to wish upon a star on our own. When my husband and I travel to Disneyland sans offspring, we can be kids again, ourselves.

There are plenty of ways to re-kindle romance at Disneyland: Walking hand in hand while soaking in the pixie-dust rather than racing from attraction to attraction. Riding Space Mountain back to back or strolling back to the hotel no matter the time of day. Meal times are on our schedule and best of all – we don’t have to participate in long waits to meet Princesses. (Unless we want to!)

Our daughters are pretty great kids, but there is still a fair amount of whining when their Dad and I plan time away. Part of keeping our marriage healthy means occasions where I can be me, he can be him, and we can be we.

Parenting is tough. Keeping a marriage healthy is harder. When we look back at our honeymoon 21 years ago, we see two young lovebirds ready to take on the world. In Scripture, Malachi’s Call to Faithfulness quotes, “the Lord witnessed the vows you and your wife made when you were young” and to “remain loyal to the wife of your youth.”*  

 Keeping our relationship strong means remembering the love we shared when we first started out and thanking God for His guidance as our love strengthened into the relationship it is today.

How do you keep youth alive in your marriage?

Maybe a trip to the beach makes you young again.

Maybe going to the fair and winning your honey a prized toy does the trick. 

Maybe it’s as simple as getting an ice cream cone and taking a walk in the sunshine.  

Do something kid-like without your children and notice if it brings back the love of your youth. 

 For us? This usually means a quiet spot away from crying kids to watch fireworks ignite above Sleeping Beauty’s Castle.   

*Malachi 2:14-15

Andee Zomerman is a speaker, teacher, and sometimes preacher. She loves to travel with her family, even to non-Disney locations. Follower her on www.facebook.com/AndeeZomermanPage/ and www.Twitter.com/andeezomerman.


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