Yuzuru Tanakura is a Hero

Hey! We love that you're interested in this, but just a heads up, it's for Portland.

Yuzuru Tanakura is a Hometown Hero! We received 3 nominations for Zu. Here are some of the stories shared:

Zu or Yuzuru Tanakura is a blessing to my life and has taught me how to be not only a good student but a good person. For 20 years he has taught guitar lessons to kids and played music for church’s worship bands. If it weren’t for him I would be failing in most my classes and would not know to respect everyone and help bring joy to everyone around me. He is now in his 2nd year of teaching bible and his 5th year teaching elementary music classes. He has not only influenced my life but many others too.

Yuzuru Tanakura, aka “Zu” is a hometown hero for so many. For me, he encouraged me and taught me to play guitar and always spoke empowering words over me. For my sister, he has been a lifeline for her. She has had a really hard year, and he is her teacher in a couple classes as well as teaching her guitar. He has always been so encouraging to her in her dark moments and pushed her to grow in multiple areas. He has advocated for her when things tried to go against her, and she would not be the same person she is today without his influence. When money got tight for our family, he continued to give her guitar lessons without pay because he believed in her. She is just one of many that has has influenced. He teaches music and influences all students from elementary through high school. He is one of the kindest, and most “chill” teachers. All the kids feel comfortable talking to him about school, or any life issues they are having. He also teaches guitar to many people in his community. On top of all this, he has 6 amazing children (ages 0-15), and a wife who battles an intestinal disease. From the outside looking in, you might guess that Zu is the one that might need help and encouragement, but in reality he is the one ALWAYS giving it. He is a true hometown hero.

Zu Tanakura is a teacher at Valor Christian School International in Beaverton, Oregon and is a volunteer worship leader at his local Assembles of God church and father of 6 children with a stay at home wife. He pours into his students lives every day in his Bible and worship team classes from kindergarten to 12th grade..



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