The 5 Best Foods to Donate to a Food Bank

Hey! We love that you're interested in this, but just a heads up, it's for South Florida.

You’ve just heard there’s going to be a canned food drive at your church, job or even the upcoming Casting Crowns concert, so… what do you donate?

Note: We will be collecting canned foods at the Casting Crowns concert this Saturday. Proceeds will benefit several South Florida ministries including Broward Outreach Center, Palm Beach Homeless Coalition and the Habitat for Humanity Food Pantry. You’ll also help Carlos & Joy compete with each other to see who can build a better “Canned Castles” at the concert.

Sure, you can grab those dusty dented cans of who-knows-what in the back of the cupboard, but if you’re looking for some food items which most food banks really need, here’s what you should pick up:

Canned Fish or Meat Items:
This is a great shelf-stable option for families to get some protein into their meals.  Whether it’s canned tuna, salmon, chicken or even beef, there are so many wonderful meals which can be made with each of these items.


Peanut ButterPeanut or Almond Butter:
Both of these are wonderful sources of healthy fats, fiber and even protein.  Because so many families deal with peanut allergies, you may be better off picking up some almond butter.  This is a wonderful way to make sure kids always have something to grab as a healthy snack once they get home from school.

Pork and BeansBeans:
Another wonderful and healthy source of protein and fiber, beans can be used in a lot of recipes and even added as a way of “stretching” a recipe when more expensive proteins are difficult to afford.

Canned SoupHealthy Soups:
This is an easy and quick meal which kids can usually prepare for themselves using the microwave.  Try to get the “Low Sodium” varieties as the normal ones can pack in a full days worth of sodium in one meal.

tomato-sauceTomato or Pasta Sauces:
As you probably know, these can be incredibly versatile when trying to put together something creative for a family. Whether it’s pasta, soup, or even a sauce to pour over some chicken, tomatoes, and especially pasta sauces, are a Godsend.

Maybe you can Live Out your faith by organizing your own canned food drive, or have your kids do this around the neighborhood and then bring it to the Casting Crowns concert or directly to the ministry in need.

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