Based on The Best-Selling Book of All Time

Meet Iesodo (pronounced Yay-Sa-Doe), a wise dove whose name means “The Way of Jesus”! He and his lovable feathered friends live in the Holy Land in a beautiful Cypress Tree on the shores of a vast Lake (or as we know it, the Sea of Galilee). The birds are an unlikely group of friends, and though they have their differences, they have one thing in common: since they met Iesodo, their lives have never been the same! Together they share the teachings of Jesus through fun, adventure and music. Each story represents Biblical lessons with universal principles such as loving one another, conquering fear, sharing and being kind. 

Have a family fun night with Iesodo and his friends.

Parents here’s something for you and kids you can grab free coloring pages here!

Iesodo: Where Fun and Faith Take Flight, available now!

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